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    Forum Downtime Empty Forum Downtime

    Post  Plnt8 Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:41 pm

    Sorry if you have been experiencing some forum downtime. One of my so-called "friends" was messing around with the forum Admin Panel and screwed nearly everything up. It took me aout 3 and a but hours to do a complete restore.

    2 Days ago, I had one of my "friends" sign up here from one of my other forums, I gave him Admin powers and the little shit messed around and abused his forum powers. He is now long gone, and I dont think any of us will ever see him again.

    If you are still experienceing downtime don't panic, the forum will be back up sooner or later, it will only be down because I will be doing something that I cant do with the forum online.

    Hope this explains everything. If not feel free to PM me.

    Note: Try to refrain from clicking the Banner at the top of the page to retern to the Index, it does'nt really matter if you do, but it does something funny to some of the images (this will be fixed soon)


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