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    Rank System Re-made.


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    Rank System Re-made. Empty Rank System Re-made.

    Post  Plnt8 on Sat Sep 20, 2008 2:13 am

    Ok, if you noticed that your rank has gone down, do not worry.

    I have just changed the ranks around a little bit. Now it requires even more posts to reach the Higest ranks. I also got rid of the "1" next to the ranks, the "1" is now VIP/Special Members ranks.

    Note I added a few new ranks.

    Rank System Re-made. Ico_ra27 Brigader General, this rank requires 160 posts to hit.
    Rank System Re-made. Ico_ra31 Major General, this rank requires 180 posts to hit.
    Rank System Re-made. Ico_ra28 Lieutenant General, this rank requires 220 posts to hit.
    Rank System Re-made. Ico_ra32 General, this rank requires 280 posts to hit.
    Rank System Re-made. Ico_ra29 General of the Army, this rank requires 333 posts to hit, (And for now the highest rank of the forum).

    This should help increase the amount of posting in the forum.


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